Lineage are here to support our clients as they look to initiate workforce transformation or develop leadership capabilities and are well-paced to support individuals taking ownership of their career architecture. The Lineage team facilitate this process of discovery informed by psychological paradigms, real world knowledge and lived experience.

Meshing together the process of discovery and robust discussion and leading edge tools, technology, methodologies and the most skilled practitioners in the market, we are able to harness the lineage of human capital in generating successful outcomes for individuals and businesses alike. Through an open partnership between Lineage and our clients, we are able to enhance our clients’ employee brand proposition for future endeavours whilst meticulously managing an often difficult and challenging time for all parties, through periods of change and restructure on a range of scales.

The team at Lineage transition have experience in career transitions (both voluntary and involuntary) from either company restructure, redundancy or family leave. We recognise the severe impact these transition periods can have on the individual.We are passionate about professional and personal working relationships with our clients to maximise employee brand proposition for future endeavours.

Our team have been strong leaders in the recruitment sector for over 20 years. Resumes, interviews and employee career development are our daily routine. We know what works and what doesn’t. This real-wold experience is fundamental to our guidance and mentoring within the transition process transforming into a productive and rewarding process. We draw from relevant psychological paradigms to further facilitate this development by reflecting on and recognising core values that will ultimately guide you to a career that will support your Mental Health and Well-being.

Career Advancement Guidance & Support

Career development and architecture for the executive professional

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Executive Mentoring & Leadership Development

Executive development, mentoring, coaching and ongoing review

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Outplacement & Transition Support

Outplacement and redundancy services initiated and facilitated by the employer and experienced by the executive.

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