The Lineage Difference.

Lineage Group was born out of a determination to create authentic and collaborative partnerships with our clients that build solid solutions that optimise success.

About Us

We are a boutique consulting agency created by Andrew and Renée Boyle and created out of a need to acknowledge the unique reciprocal connection between organisational success and employee wellbeing.

In 2013 Andrew left the comfort and safety of a multinational recruitment company to follow his dream of creating a boutique agency that focused on generating strong professional partnerships and individualised connections between both client and candidate. Andrews' extensive industry experience taught him that long term success of this well-matched partnership begins with a deep understanding of both client and candidate needs. Taking time to thoroughly understand company values and ethos is paramount to Andrew’s process of finding the connection between employee and organisation. He is well known across all industries for his trustworthiness, authenticity and meticulous attention to detail. Time and time again he delivered success.

Whilst Andrew was building the recruitment side of the business, Renée, an experienced teacher, was undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology followed then by a Masters degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Around this same time, conversations between Andrew and our valued Lineage Group clients centred around the challenges that employees face to their mental health and well-being. These challenges included adjusting to the role, building a positive workplace culture, Psycho-social stresses, workplace stressors and personal stressors. It is well documented in the literature that when an employee is faced with such challenges their professional capability is at risk. These conversations ultimately led to the creation of a much-needed support service Lineage Solutions to enhance the alignment with the organisations values and goals. Renée created Lineage Solutions upon frameworks that are strengths based, human centred, and goal orientated informed by cognitive, behavioural and humanistic therapies.

Lineage Group collaborates with business to support, enable, and enhance all available resources to create a workplace culture that promotes mental health and wellbeing and is a preferred partner in recruitment services and provider of workplace wellbeing support.

What we do differently

The combination of strengths-based individual recruitment practices and the implementation of best practises in workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing is the essential difference that is Lineage Group.

The people behind Lineage Group have a longstanding and strong track record of success in the execution of talent solutions to leading Australian and Multi-national companies, whether that be executive recruitment, executive search, contracting and interim professionals, managed service resource solutions, on-demand recruitment outsourcing and consulting, advisory, career transition and change and transformation consulting. Furthermore, we understand the importance of creating a workplace ethos that supports and promotes optimal mental health and wellbeing of all its employees.  

At Lineage Group, we firmly believe the right candidate for the organisation is one who possesses not only the skills and experienced required to do the job but will also compliment and add to the positive workplace culture.

Drawing from vast body of research into highly productive and culturally supportive workplaces each service we deliver is founded upon and delivered through a client centred, culturally-inclusive and diverse-aware framework. We endeavour to provide inclusive services and programs and advocate for various social identities including race and ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, religious affiliation, nationality, and ability status while providing a safe space to be and feel accepted at all points in our journey with them.

We are there with you at all points on the professional journey.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for all organisations to be united with their staff through shared values and goals to ensure both personal and professional flourishing.

Our Values

The values we choose to live by reveal the deep appreciation we have for our clients and candidates.  

Engagement : 
We work hard to make a positive impact on the careers, lives and, businesses we touch. We engage intentionally by listening closely to the needs of our candidates and clients, and we go the distance to deliver on our promises. We understand that being truthful is the key to building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. We are transparent with and respect our clients and our candidates.  

Collaboration :
We are professionals serving professionals. We adhere to the highest standards of respect in all our dealings, internally and externally. We take the time to invest in learning not only the needs of the business but its future direction and culture to ensure that only the best candidates are put forward for the role.   

Transformation :
Every member of the Lineage Group team is challenged and empowered to act with a personal sense of ownership for the success of our candidates, our clients and, our company. In the pursuit of this goal, no task is too big or too small for any member of our team to perform. We work hard with clients and candidates to journey with them in their transformation.

Our Quality Assurance

Lineage Group began life with very strong foundations of quality and governance.

RCSA Corporate Member
As a member of RCSA, Lineage abide by the Code for Professional Conduct and our quality recruitment process complies with the Code and sets the centrepiece of our recruitment quality assurance standards.

ITCRA Member
As a member of the Information Technology Contract and Recruitment Association which is an association which recognises Lineage Group as a quality, professional recruitment firm.

AICD Member
We stay up-to-date with the latest Governance and directorship research through the Australian Institute of Company Directors

ACA Member
Professional recognition through the Australian Counselling Association ensures that we are equipped with the latest research in mental health and wellbeing and are held accountable for our clients through the Practitioner Code of Ethics and Standards.

ACA College of Supervisors Member
College membership reflects the pinnacle of professional training and delivery and reassures the consumer that specialists who are registered with the appropriate college have met the high standards required of specialists.

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