We are focused on delivering sustainable organisational change and holistic approach connecting people, enterprises, customers, processes and technology.

Delivering change is achieved through realistic planning, good governance and a commitment to action. Change is holistic, inclusive and values based. Change is built on a strong value proposition, a powerful connection with stakeholders and a deep understanding of the changing environment.

We are skilled at delivering sustainable change, change that sticks, change that achieves organisational aspirations, change that uplifts the capability of people, process and technology and change that brings your enterprise and customers together on the change journey. Our change practitioners and teams have experience across the full and broad spectrum of change management supported by a best practice Sustainable Change framework.

Our difference is driven through our approach, our framework, our people and our passion for change. We get involved, immersed in the important detail, specific to your business context, and deliver. We’ll immerse ourselves in your business aspirations and change objectives, understand what’s important and be active change advocates. We will work closely with all stakeholders to support, guide, influence and drive the change momentum. We won’t generalise, we will be practical and apply the right techniques and produce the right deliverables that are of value to your specific change initiative. We will be, inclusive, consultative and where we need to we will challenge.

Every change initiative is unique; from the outset we engage with our clients and stakeholders to define the right path, the right people and the right services to deliver sustainable change. Specialist practitioners, functional consultants, subject matter experts, change teams or services or a blend of these, Lineage Consulting have the capacity and experience to help achieve your change needs. What you will experience is dedicated and skilled professionals that will help define your change journey; practitioners that will roll up their sleeves with you and deliver sustainable change.

The 6 key areas of expertise are below:

Organisational Change

Change that delivers high performing people, teams and organisations

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Operational Excellence

Change that delivers high performing operations and services

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Digital Transformation

Capability change that delivers business optimised technology

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Change for projects

Creating business capability and delivering project outcomes.

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Change Governance

A transparent view of your change - A line of sight to better understand the collective scope, value, progress and insights.

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Business Assurance

Validate your business change - It is more than testing systems

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