Career Advance Guidance & Support Groups

Career development and architecture for the executive professional

Take responsibility for managing your career development, provide more commercial agility and improve tenure and engagement towards your next professional role. 

Your career path development will be enhanced through a supportive professional network through the discovery and alignment of your strengths, talents and assit in redefining career objectives. 

The research shows that unemployment can increase the likelihood of experiencing depression and anxiety, lower self esteem and increase a sense of helplessness. We know that connection with others is vital in rebuilding self confidence. The power in group support lies within normalising and validating respones to shared experiences and assistance in acknowledging and identifing the tools needed to reach potential.

Lineage Group Advance Guidance and Support groups are an opportunity to become part of a professional network with whom you share similar experiences, designed to enable a successful journey through along your career path.

Each meeting your faciliator will draw from their insights and industry knowledge to facilitate discussion that will enable the members to explore their unique strengths, to colloboratively share tools that will build their professionalknowledge, and most importantly create a strong supportive professional network.

Each group is capped to 8 members so that each contribution can be heard and validated. Most groups meet every 3 weeks and attendance is not complusary. At the conclusion of each meeting the meeting notes that include resrouces and ideas will be shared amongst the attending members.

  • Small Business Owners
  • Traversing the Employment Gap
  • Executive Career Development
  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • Personal & Professional Brands to Enhance Profile

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