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Lineage Solutions collaborates with your business to support, enable and enhance all available resources to create a workplace culture that promotes mental health and wellbeing.

Proactive Employee Wellbeing Pulse Checks

Mental health problems have been called by many as ‘the shadow pandemic’ as COVID-19 spreads across the world. Organisations globally, are ensuring that wellbeing is front and centre in their day-to-day policies and practices.  

However, the reactive response that this insidious virus demands has left many employees, managers and leaders without opportunity to access sufficient support that is required to maintain the BAU course. And, in its wake are organisations that are left feeling helpless to the cause of supporting their employee mental health and wellbeing.  

Our Proactive Employee Wellbeing Pulse Checks is a way to touch base in real time with employees in a space and time that requires as much or as little of their time that they need.

During these Wellbeing Pulse Checks our highly skilled team are able to open up a genuine conversation to talk through what is impacting their mental health and wellbeing. This opportunity also invites discussion of care for self, care of others and identification of positive coping strategies.

As a means to reflect the wellbeing of the staff across the organisation we use the our specially curated Wellbeing Continuum Tool to navigate the Pulse Check conversations in a client-centred, strengths-based way. This also guides the level of support that can be offered to the employee.

It is our experience that through these psychologically safe conversations, conducted by a trained professional, employees may recognise the need for further support, and it is then that we are able to discuss next steps which may include a visit to their GP, contacting their organisations employee assistance provider (EAP) or individual support with a mental health professional. For some leaders this comes as a welcome relief in knowing that their team are well supported.

If you would like us to carry out Wellbeing Pulse checks on your team call our Director of Health and Wellbeing, Renee Boyle on +61 418724108

Pulse Checks

  • Conducted by professionals trained in mental health
  • Organised at a time that is suitable for employee
  • Talk through care of self and care of others
  • Effective internal coping strategies identified
  • Identification of helpful external supports
  • Further actions options explored that will maintain and assist with a positive sense
  • Calls may last anywhere from 15mins - 60mins
  • Conversational in style
  • Strengths - Based approach
  • Culturally Sensitive
  • Promotes Inclusivity and Diversity
  • Follow- Up Check if required
  • Referral to other support services if required
  • LGBTIQ Support
  • Strictly Private and Confidential - themes of Pulse checks reported back to organisation to allow for more support to be implemented if necessary

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Presentations and Workshops

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Support Culture

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