Supporting Small Business Operators

Running your own company can become overwhelming both personally and professionally. Take some time to find ways to ensure you are supporting yourself and other small business operators

Running your own business can be hugely rewarding.

For many small businesses owners the 24hr working day, feelings of isolation and the responsibility of the company's success or failure can come at a cost to their mental health.

Once you have identified your personal self-care strategies try these 'at work' solutions that may help to move through the tough times a little better:

- Speak with financial counsellors

- Be honest and upfront with the ATO and creditors to resolve problems (most have financial hardship plans to ease the financial stress)

- Seek out business mentors

- Seek out business advice

- Seek out advice and support on dispute resolutions

- Seek out legal advice (some come at no cost)

- Access mental health support services

For more information check out Beyond Blue's Guide for supporting Small Business owners

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