Same Same but Different : We're still here

Rest assured we're still here to help

To all our valued industry partners, clients and candidates;                              

At Lineage Group we are still operationally 'Same, Same but Different’.

In keeping with our promise to fully support the needs of our industry partners, clients and candidates we've tweaked, modified and adapted our extensive range of services.

We've have created a pandemic policy that is informed by the World Health Organisation and the Australian Government. We are consistently updating our knowledge of how to ‘be’ and ‘act’ as the information becomes available.

As part of this policy we have temporarily ceased in-person meetings in our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBD offices.

Lineage Consulting, Lineage Recruitment and Lineage Transition services will now be conducted via telephone or online platforms as replacement.

We are in the middle of an uncertain time for many industries and jobs. Planning for the future is essential. This ‘quiet’ time (for lack of a better phrase) has enabled many businesses to re-evaluate direction, re-configure business goals and re-design their teams. The modality of telephone and online video allows for a casual exploration of ideas and thoughts without the constraints of ‘rushing out the door’.

Lineage Recruitment can advise how job briefs, position descriptions and recruitment processes can be developed with a deeper understanding of business direction.

Lately we’ve had many calls from industry partners and clients in relation to running a small business during a pandemic and how to manage teams remotely. Lineage Consulting now includes a few short webinars that identify key factors in ‘managing teams remotely and still seeing runs on the board’ and ‘how to get a seat at the table when working remotely’.

Lineage Transition now have a new suite of packages tailored to jobseekers needs.

Lineage Solutions will continue supporting our industry partners at their onsite locations for critical incidents only and when absolutely necessary. Where this has been deemed unsafe to do so we are available to support via our telephone or online platforms. Our experience so far in delivering this support using this technology has been extremely positive.

To our private and EAP counselling clients, please be assured that we are here for you through this uncertain time. Renee will still be providing support in person via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp platforms and as an alternative telephone counselling is also available.

All of our workshops and presentations have been modified to include the current circumstances e.g. job security, working from home, balancing work/life etc. They still provide pyscho-educational support and have been modified to suit digital platforms. A Q&A real time chat function is included creating a more personalised and meaningful session. They are packed full of practical strategies and evidence based tips to help you and your employees remain resilient and manage stress as best can be during this time.

If you have questions or would like to book in a time for a chat, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Andrew +61 411 863 333

Renee +61 418 724 108

Many thanks from everyone here atLineage Group for your continued support and understanding.

Take care... we’re all in this together.

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