Lineage Insights - June 2020



Contributed by Renée Boyle

Our experience shows us that when employees feel supported, the benefits not only include a more supportive company culture but results in improved engagement, decreased staff turnover and also retaining high performers and uniting the best employees with the organisation.

Lineage Solutions collaborates with your business to support, enable and enhance all available resources to create a workplace culture that promotes mental health and well-being.

We understand the importance of creating a workplace ethos that supports and promotes optimal mental health and wellbeing of all its employees. Organisational leadership teams are recognising the stress their employees face, with concerns ranging from workplace stress to issues around family and home life.

When employees are adversely impacted by life circumstances; negative thoughts or overwhelming emotions can have a severe impact to not only the individual which can also cause a ripple effect through the organisation.

Our team acknowledge these struggles and are highly skilled at collaborating with both the organisational processes and the individuals needs to ensure that the best outcome is achieved. We provide support through a strengths based counselling framework and clinical supervision.

We offer individual and team support through clinical supervision which has been associated with an increase in employees perceptions of organisational support and improve their commitment to an organisations vision and goals. We draw from evidence-based research to find practical solutions that range from adjusted workplace duties to individual support through a range services that can be tailored to specific circumstances.

We help you understand the needs of your employees through a range of methods and advise the best way to utlise not only your organisational support systems but also external supports such as Employee Assistance Programs.

Call or email Renée for a no obligation chat on how we can help you cultivate an organisational culture of support.

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Lineage Insights - June 2020


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