Is your business ready for a Pandemic?

COVID-19 - Is your business ready?

Is your business ready for a pandemic?

"With a focus on preparedness and swift action, we can help lessen the spread of a pandemic and reduce the business as well as the human impact " Chole Demrovsky (CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International)

So.. what can you do in your workplace? Hysteria and fear are contagious Introduce a ‘pandemic plan’.

Start by talking to co-workers, colleagues and employees about what will be involved in your pandemic plan and how this could impact your staff.

This will no doubt include health and risk education, social distancing (ie working from home where possible) and stockpiling of supplies.

But most importantly - reassure them you are prepared and are protecting them.

For more information on the potential toll this pandemic may take on your business check here .https://

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