Handing over the keys

Gen Z'ers are all about personal success. Embrace this mind-set and find out how your company can fuse with their technology skills that are embedded in a social conscious to create something wonderful!

Handing over the keys

Get ready they’re coming…. Gen Z are prepped, primed and ready to hit the job market. Research experts have warned us that our newest recruits are like no other and are sure to revolutionise the way we work. Why? Because they are technology natives, children of globalisation and are accustomed to an “everything now or overnight delivery” mind-set. So, when our current workforce is made up of almost 3 generations how can we create a workplace that will not only survive the Gen Z influx but also thrive with them in it.

According to the Pew Research Centre Gen Z, born after 1997, are mobile and are likely to challenge the traditional top-down structure of companies, want more collaboration in the workplace and they crave feedback, since they are used to receiving it constantly. Most of all, they want value, in every sense of the word.

We’ve compiled a list of how companies may like to prepare to hand the keys over to our next generation...

Hippies at heart. Gen Z are ‘Hippies at heart” who have a drive to make an impact on the world through giving back. Think charities, missions and fund raising for good causes. Corporations willing to retain their Gen Z’s will have to really focus on team building initiatives that incorporate giving back. It might be a good idea to define your companies social cause and create a business culture where this social cause is one of the foundational principals.

Transparent career paths. Our Gen zer’s are an ambitious bunch who are likely to be interested in a job with opportuning for growth with a clear progression path. So for us who are catching up with all the new technologies and social media platforms create an intergenerational internal training project where your new recruits can mentor and guide the rest of us through this web of technology.

Time management. According to Sage research Gen Z’ers can only hold their attention on one thing for a total of 8 seconds. Considering that 11% diagnosed of our newest recruits will arrive with a diagnosis of ADHD this is not surprising. Companies may consider cutting long meetings into smaller chunks of time and provide attendees with notes that include do points of the important topics.

Collaboration is the key. The newest recruits will aim to be their own boss and embody an entrepreneurial spirit. Embracing this fresh sense of drive and motivation could be channelled into the company plan through a small development projects and collaboration on bigger projects.

Hv u evr got a txt tat reads like this? These digital natives have no time for little things such as correct spelling and grammar in their social interactions. Embrace this and instead opt for all communication to be delivered across channels such as skype, facetime or google + hangout. These social platforms allow the message to be delivered without error and need little interpretation.

Surviving the new digital era. Find out each new employees individual strength and unique skills and work with that. This you-tube generation have been fortunate to pursue any passion through on-line tutorials and real time classes. They define a healthily life balance as time spent on video editing, app building, graphic design skills. These all feed into an entrepreneurial / self-improvement skill set which may add value to your business helping it to not only thrive but survive in the new digital era.

Say goodbye to traditional methods of performance reviews. Gone are the days of a verbal praise in the performance review instead become familiar with P.D.A Public Displays of Appraisals and use social media platforms to share appraisals such as a testimonial on linked in. This will nurture the self-esteem of the “Like Generation” and in return for your support they may just work harder to please.

Cast the net wider. Increasingly more Gen Zer’s are flexing their digital natives muscles and spend time out side of their more traditional learning institutions such as university and are instead studying in the School of life. When completing candidate searches allow for more progressive global measures of education. During the interview process try creating a small assignment to be completed or an industry test as a screening method rather than basing your decision on the educational history.

Gen Zer’s are all about personal success. Embrace this mind-set and find out how your company and their technology skills embedded in a social conscious can fuse to create something wonderful!

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