Today is a day to connect, really connect, with those who are around us. Today is a moment in time when a simple hey, how's it going? Or hey, what's up? Can mean the world of difference to someone.

By now you have probably heard that it is R U OK? Day.

Today is a day to connect…. really connect ….with those who are around us.

Today is a moment in time when a simple “hey, how’s it going?” or “ hey, what’s up?” can mean the world of difference to someone.

Death by suicide is an act that is purely individual and bears no blame or responsibilty on those around them, as it is an individuals’ response to what is happening to them.

However, it has a ripple effect lasting far beyond the reach that could ever be imagined possible.

R U OK? Day was created to help raise awareness of the power of connectedness. A real, true and authentic connection with another can be all that it takes.

Avoidance of this connection may be the response of feeling overburdened or feelings of inadequacy of not having the skills to ‘fix’ the problem.

You can help by just asking.

Once you do (and If the response is too ‘big’ for you) follow these steps..

- Acknowledge their struggles

- Praise their efforts in navigating this tough time

- Refer them to a service with professional expertise to take it from there

If you would like to know more check out https://www.ruok.org.au/workfor some practical strategies.

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